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Accidental Love.!!!

Posted on the 11 February 2016 by Nikita Ranga @naughtymogli

I have heard people saying, “falling in love is the most wonderful experience of one’s life” but for me it never made any sense. After all, i am not a girl who is romantic at heart. I never believe in love all this nuisance and i never wanted to fall in love. For me, love is a a total waste of time.

My mother always used to say, “when time comes, everything falls into correct place automatically”. However, i never paid much attention to this until i met him. 

We both met at Misha’s birthday party. He used to work with Misha and i was misha’s classmate. Since, i am an introvert and do not like interacting much with people, i sat in a corner on a sofa while all others were busy dancing and chatting. I didn’t wanted to go to party also but just because Misha insisted, i had to go.

After a few minutes, i noticed someone sitting near me. It was HIM. I ignored him not because i was hesitant but because i was not interested in talking to unknown people whether it is a boy or a girl. ( Introvert problem). Everybody is not like me and so was HE. He initiated the conversation.

HE- Hello, how are you?

I- hello, i am fine.

HE- do you also work with Misha?

I- have you ever seen me in her office? :/ :/

( meanwhile, i murmured in my head, how cheap this guy is, when i do not want to talk to him why is he taking the pain to talk to me. bloody idiot.)

HE- umm. not really because i too work with Misha. we both work in same office and same department.

( see, when he know that i do work with Misha still he is talking to me).

Before he could say something i interrupted and said,

Okay bye. I got to go.

Without looking back , i went straight towards Misha, wished her birthday and went straight towards the gate, called a cab and went home.

After few weeks while i was working on my laptop, i got a text message. It read,

“hello introvert. how are you? ”

I was unable to recognize who sent it and i never paid heed to check who was the sender and continued my work.

After some time, again i received a text message reading, “arrey yrr, atleast reply toh kar do. us din party me bhi you walked away aur aaj bhi you are not replying. what’s wrong?”

i re-winded my memory and i remembered that he is the same guy who initiated the conversation.

Damn..!!! now he is texting me. how did he got my number? how could he text a girl? he has no manners. idiot guy. I made different assumptions in my head and ignored the message.

But i was wrong. he continued texting me until i texted him back.

I do not know why i replied to his message. Till date i am looking for it’s answer.

Everything happens for a reason. May be that night i replied to his text just because a bundle of happiness was waiting for me. some sunlight was waiting to enter my world and light up my small world.

Just because of his humor, we became good friends and soon bestest friends. :) :) :)

Damn..!! I could not believe, a boy is my best friend.

( hawwwwww… ek ladka mera dost hai, ye duniya waale kya kahenge. :P :P :P )

Timing of our chat which was before restricted to only nights increased and it covered our days too. Soon, days turned into months.

We shared each and every detail. Even our day was shared too. Since he has a habit of getting up early, he used to get up first and then called me to wake up. However, 90% i didn’t wake up and i ended up seeing his innumerable missed calls on my phone screen. I felt very comfortable with him but that dosent mean that i loved him.

( please.!!! ye pyaar vyaar ka chakkar mere bas ka nahi hai. keep it aside :/ :/ :/ )

It was a regular evening when he texted me. We both were sharing our day with each other when suddenly in between our usual talks this unusual message popped up,

hey, i wanted to tell you something. We are friends since a year. But now, i am in love with you. please do not take me as a joke. this time i am damn serious. and yes, i do not want anything i return. all i want is to love you endlessly and selflessly. Please be mine”. 

I was stunned reading the message. I did not knew how to react. Being short tempered, my anger reached on cloud nine. I ended up venting all my anger about relationships and its failure, sex, and everything which was not to be told. And guess what..?? i was not at all guilty. :O :O :O

after sending the text, i switched off the cell phone and went back to work.

After that message incident , we both didn’t talked for about  almost a month. However, in between, he texted me and called me sometimes but i neither replied to his messages nor received his calls.

After a month, when i looked back, i thought that i over reacted that day and told him many things which were not to be told. That day , i felt guilty and decided to text him and clear the mess which i created.

I texted him a simple sorry. I thought that he wont reply after what all i said to him and seriously, i didn’t expected a reply.

But, guess what.???

He replied instantly. :O :O :O

Kya banda hai boss. itna sunaya phir bhi itna cool? how could someone be so cool after such an incident.?

We chatted whole night. I said sorry for the mess i created and he as usual kept saying me not to say sorry. What he said was one thing won my heart. he said, “i knew you will text me back. Afterall, apni dosti itni kachhi bhi nahi hai aur na mera pyaar jo itni jaldi khatam ho jaaaye”. 

After few days, he again proposed me. After thinking a lot and being a little hesitant, i said yes.

Again, i do not know why i said yes. But yes, i am happy that i said yes.

And now, its been six years since we are in a relation and are the most happiest couple on earth. There is a law of physics,”opposites attract”and that happened in our case.

He is cool and i am hot. :P :P and yes, not to forget his humorous skills.

Its our anniversary today and he gave me the most unexpected goft of my life.  A DIAMOND RING.

But , you know i am a little mad. when he handed over the diamond ring to me, i could have asked him to make it wear on my finger but alas.!! lost in my happiness, i put it on my finger myself.

He silently observed the whole incident keenly and when i finished, he started enacting me wearing the ring myself.

Damn..!!! I laughed till my tummy started paining.

How could someone be so humorous.? But yes, people are humorous and i am lucky to have him in my life.

And now a girl who never believed in love has fallen in love and is now ready to spend my whole life with my johnny lever. :P :P

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