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Adinin Group of Companies Day-to-Day Working Experience Day 10

Posted on the 13 January 2012 by Onefouronezero @onefouronezero
Today, we all went to ABF to do the stock count. I arrived there on time at 7.30am. Upon arrival, I didn't see any of my team, not even my boss. So, I've decided to take a ride to Panaga to check out the access road to the Panaga Beach Hut. When I finally got it, I check the time and I know I'm gonna be an hour late. So I rushed back to ABF but within my limits. As soon as I arrive, I park my car like a boss, just swerve my car into any available parking space!
I rushed out the car and get myself started on the stock count and I greeted my boss. He introduced me a new employee who will be replacing Pragati. Well, I'm not gonna elaborate anything else about Pragati because he is beyond the limit of madness for us all in the company.
So I was at ABF for roughly 3hours 30minutes, doing stock count on the fences from Betafence. It was really stressful because we had to go inside out of the warehouse as there isn't sufficient space to stock it. And these fences are of huge quantity and are really expensive if ordered in a bundle set.
When all was done, we all went back for a lunch and Friday prayer break. Before I drove off, I saw two of my company colleague who were both left by my boss with the reason that he has a stomachache. And that was kinda funny. So, I offered them a ride back to the office. And of course, my feeling is that they don't have any other option since the other cars are heading to Seria and for me, I don't mind sending them. Worth sacrificing. Too bad I didn't let my guts out to talk with them.
In the afternoon, I head to ATDC for another stock recheck with the team. On my way there, I felt really sleepy! So I went to Naafi to buy myself a drink. I was looking around for those energy drinks and unfortunately, there isn't any. So I just bought myself a Fanta Icy Lemon. Sure was enough for me to stay up for a couple of hours at work. There wasn't much that I need to do at ATDC. I just need to move some of the goods back to where it came from, file a few Delivery Order note and shred a few used paper.
That's just about it for today. Tomorrow, my team and I will be needed at ATDC early and on time at 7.30am. The auditors will be coming down from KB Office to do a stock count with us just as they did at ABF today.

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