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Adinin Group of Companies Day-to-Day Working Experience Day 6

Posted on the 09 January 2012 by Onefouronezero @onefouronezero
Today is Monday and it's the start of the 2nd week of January 2012! I came to work late again, and that'd give my boss the "Blue Monday" feeling. I didn't feel that though because I went to school first to submit my book and leaving certificate. It took me more than an hour to do so as my business studies teacher came to work late. So, I went around talking with my friends and catching up with them on their first week of school etc.
When I arrived work around 9.00am, there was my boss sitting at his desk doing his work. I wanted to tell him about a tender website which notify any tender to those who are a paid subscriber to the website but he seemed to be busy. So instead, I just email him the email which was sent to me by the website. That way, it'll give him time to think about it.
Honestly I'd say if the company invest USD395 to subscribe for 12 months, the company can easily receive any new tender notice in advanced. In this way, they can easily have a chance to bid early and get the contract. More tender, more contract, more client, more cash.
It sounds easier than it would be done. But we shall see about it tomorrow. Well, I guess that's pretty much about what I have to say about my day-to-day work. Till then, have a good evening everyone!

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