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Adinin Group of Companies Day-to-Day Working Experience Day 7-9

Posted on the 12 January 2012 by Onefouronezero @onefouronezero
Day 7
(FYI, I will make a summary of what I can remember for Day 7)
I had the plan to look for clients to sell our product. One was my old school, Chung Ching Middle School, Seria, and one was my church, COOL Church, Seria. It would be pretty obvious as both the people I meet don't really know me, except probably the priest. I was however, acting like a salesman. I made a mistake by not asking my boss the protocol of proposing the company's product. By next week, I will need to settle it so I could get them placing the order ASAP. I did this all in the afternoon during lunch and after working hours.
Day 8
I came to work with full confidence in my office suit in the morning until I realised that our meeting would be held in Adinin Training and Development Centre (ATDC) which was actually a warehouse where the company keep stock of their painting product.
At 8.45am, we went off to Adinin Basalton Factory (ABF) to check on the progress of the company's project. It wasn't really progressing fast but hopefully, it can be done a lot more than expected in the near future. After that, we zoom off to ATDC for our departmental meeting.
On our way, my boss said, 'Edwin, from today until Saturday, I would like you to be at ATDC to learn the process of stock checking for our department. This will help you to familiarise with the system. Who knows you will be needed at times of need.' I agree to him as I know I have limited time to work with the company and I would not wish to miss every opportunity that is given to me.
Upon arrival, I was introduced to six new colleagues, who work as storekeeper, assistant storekeeper, drivers and helpers. They are all friendly people and I finally know how does it feel like to work as one of them. Having to study their character, I find that they don't really bother so much about their income as I feel that they are highly secure with it. As long as they have a job and they have good income, they are happy to work.
So I started working in the afternoon since I had to go back and get my car. My boss actually said that I could take my car in the evening but my colleague at ATDC offered me a ride back to KB just to get my car and also to pick up his children from school.
A brief one about my task at ATDC is I need to assist the storekeeper in calculating the total stock of different paint. Each paint has different types like Weathercoat, Emulsion, Hardener, Base Paint etc. In addition to the different types of paint, there's also codes. There is also different quantity. There's 5 litre, 10 liter and 20 liter. Some of the 20 liter look like the 5 liter. I don't know how they could fit it in the same size.
At the end of the day, I'd say it's a good experience. It was, of course, tiring and confusing. Sometimes I made some calculation error as I didn't have a calculator with me so I use my head instead. If I calculate too fast, I end up making an error. If I did it vice versa, I'd be wasting time and not being productive.
Day 9
I woke up feeling extremely tired as last night I went with my parents to pick up my maid. Her flight kept delaying and we got back home at midnight. But anyway, I went to work sort of early but I ended up coming there on time as I caught myself stuck in a traffic jam along Jalan Tengah, Seria. Upon arrival, I saw a few parking space at the garage so I took the opportunity to park there (LIKE A BOSS).
Slowly, my colleagues arrived. We went straight into the office for our 'daily tool box'. This is not the tool box where we keep all those nails, screws, hammer and screwdrivers. This is the process by which we assemble together to discuss and plan on what task is to be given to each person. Some were asked to go to ABF to deliver the goods. One was asked to go to the Capital to deliver an order. The rest (including me) stayed at ATDC to continue our stock checklist.
Throughout the morning, I've been walking around the warehouse, searching, counting and using my little brain to calculate the total of certain product that is asked for. It gave me a headache but it sure did sharpen up my calculation. And I had to make it even quicker than yesterday.
When it was almost lunch time, my boss came and I heard him asking where am I. I shouted, 'HELLO BOSS! I'M RIGHT OVER HERE DOING SOME STOCK COUNTING!' I would confidently say that he is one of the best boss I've met. Sure, he can say negative things with foul words, but make no mistake. He has a heart of gold. I'd say that I'm similar like him. I too would say almost exactly the same thing as he would about the people around him. But overall, I'm a good person.
As we were about to have lunch, one of my colleague asked my boss to move his car a little to the front as he wanted to move a crate of paint away. Instead of him moving the car, he asked me to move it. I agree to him and so I did. I really love his car since it's a Nissan Teana 250XL with a V6 engine. I went straight in and started the car. It uses the auto start/stop button so I had to depress the brake pedal and click the button. When I tried to shift the gear to from P to D, it didn't shift. The reason was because I pressed the wrong button on the lever. One is to unlock the shift and one is probably to overdrive the car. After I managed to shift it, I face another problem; e-brake. The e-brake is electronically controlled. So I just have to depress it. When I depress it, it switched on and I had to depress it one more time to off it. In conclusion for the car, the brake is really sensitive. You press it too hard, you'll be making a dead brake!
After lunch, we continued doing our stock checking. After a couple of hour, we completed the stock check. I proceeded to the office to learn about the database system and how to print using the old printer, and also how to use the photocopy machine. When all of that was done, I call it a day. Tomorrow, I'll be at ABF to do stock check along with my ATDC colleagues.

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