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Again 10days Challenge -day1

Posted on the 26 September 2013 by Sweetblossom @sweetblossom_
Hi, how you all doing? Hope all is well. And I know It’s being a while seen's I showed up in blogger, actually its kind crazy but bcoz of this huge gap I’m having kinda trouble blogging again. So better of I thought to start with a tag...Its refreshing as well as fun always, and my first thought was to redo the 10 days challenge walla tag...Nothing particular its easy and simple to being with and last 10 days challenge tag was posted like 2 years back and seen's than so much has changed , so just a updated tag ..hope I complete it hehe ,cya around take care :)
again 10days challenge -day1 okay here it goes for the newbies around the tag is as simple as it sounds.. nothing to stretch on my part actually hehe . its just simple things from you life to be posted for 10 days as per as the challenge goes .all clearly explained in the pic above 
accordingly my for my first day post ..one picture of myself..
and recently my bro got married and this pic was taken than, like in august..cya tomorrow  
again 10days challenge -day1

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