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Anxiety and Stress - 10 Ways To Help You Cope #IBOT

Posted on the 21 July 2014 by Taveren37 @mjgraham
Anxiety and Stress - 10 Ways To Help You Cope   #IBOT

I suffer a lot with nerves, and at the moment my anxiety levels seem to be through the roof. I am having panic attacks and my nerves are shot.

Let’s face it. This world is a scary place to be sometimes. It is hard, tiring and a battle just to get through the day.
I seem to have all the theory on how to help myself feel better. I guess numerous doctors, psychologists and other health professionals have given me an arsenal of ways to cope. But I have trouble putting it into practice.
But I do need to keep these helpful ways in the forefront of my mind. So that I can dwell on them and remember them when I need them. So I will list them out here, and if it helps someone else to cope with feelings of anxiety then that is a very good thing.
  1. Break tasks, jobs, things to do, into smaller manageable chunks. Don’t look at the whole overwhelming picture, but at the smaller little steps that are needed to help you move forward even just a little bit. Make lists if it helps put some order in your day.
  2. Take time out to relax and breath. Do something that you enjoy. Whether that is reading, craft, a nice, warm, bubble bath, going to the gym, or watching a funny movie.
  3. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep. Our bodies heal when we sleep – mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  4. Try and take control of your thoughts. Don’t let that inner critic win. When that little voice inside tries to make you panic, be strong and tell it to go away. Think positively and don’t be too hard on yourself.
  5. Sometimes a journal or diary helps. Write done your thoughts and worries. Then close the book on them figuratively. Or on a more positive note write down your blessings. The good things that happened to you that day.
  6. Prioritise your day. Make sure that you manage your time effectively. Do things in order of importance. Work out the best way to accomplish tasks, before you begin. Have a plan.
  7. If there is something that you are dreading and is making you stressed. Then stop everything else and do it first. If you do the job that is the hardest or the most difficult for you to do, first, then really everything else is downhill from there.
  8. Of course, make sure that you are getting the right nutrients and good food into your body. To help it thrive. Also drink enough water. Dehydration causes tiredness and that makes coping with the daily stresses of life, so much harder.
  9. Talk about it with others. A problem shared is a problem halved.
  10. Don’t put unreachable standards on yourself. Being a perfectionist puts such a lot of pressure on you. Far too much. To have high standards is good, but learn your limits and learn when to say no.

Do you have some coping strategies to add? What helps you when you get anxious and stressed about life? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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