Are We Letting Our Religion Down?

Posted on the 03 December 2013 by Rashidabaji @Rashidabaji

A couple of days back I was surfing the famous social networking site and I read a status on the rape case, scrolling down I read the comments in the curiosity of what people had to say about it . What I found was very appalling for it did not contain comments related to the status. What I found to my complete astonishment was that people were arguing in the name of religion. Each of them typed out some really obnoxious comments about each other's religion and how injustice was meted out on their part. The arguments became intense to such an extent that they started abusing the opposite religion. Now was that right? I asked myself.
Does abusing each other’s religion make ours more dignified? Possibilities are nil. But it most definitely shows that it has not preached us properly, because if it did, people wouldn't be abusing each other's religion. I am no expert in the field of God or God praising but I do know that no religion teaches us such things.

Are we letting our religion down?

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Then why in the name of God are we fighting?  To protect one's religion is good, to favor what we have faith in, is also good, but to let it down in front of other religions? No, we possibly wouldn’t think of that. Astonishingly what we deny in our sub-conscious doesn't match our actions in the conscious state of mind. By speaking ill about other religions, we are letting our religion down. Almost all religions in the world emphasize the gains of forgiveness. A simple act of forgiveness can save a hundreds and billions of lives, which are taken in the name of religion. Yes, I do know it is very difficult to forgive somebody who has spoken ill about your faith, your God. But then again doesn't young India like challenges? (Don’t believe me? go watch Roadies audition). Why not to take it as a challenge? If we, the youth in television interviews and on many such occasions say that if given a chance we would change the world, then I say we have the chance Right Now!
My viewpoint doesn't support or oppose any religion or its followers but I, in my ability am trying to bring change to the stagnant mindsets of people. Gone are the days where an eye for an eye was justice. Then why the system still remains in our minds in some or the other way? If we for a second, for a minute do come out of the old mindset and see all religions in a respectable light, then we would surely be a stronger, a better, a united youth.
P.S: I do not intend to ridicule any belief or system related to religion. The above is my personal viewpoint. Any differing viewpoint is always welcomed in the comments section.

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