Get a Life, Dude! Ever Happened That the Person You Loved...

Posted on the 04 December 2013 by Rashidabaji @Rashidabaji
Get a life, dude!
     Ever happened that the person you loved with all your heart, rejected you? Or didn’t have the same feelings as you did? Or did it ever happen that the person you had a loving relationship with, ended up loving somebody else? Probably yes, it did happen some or the other time in your life. It is definitely world collapsing for many people. Some people do forget the people they loved and move on from a heartbreaking rejection or a horrifying relationship. But for others it is just too hard a pill to swallow.
     Sometimes the person whom we love has no interest in us and tells us so but we still tend to hold on to that person and never move on, in a hope that they would return back. Each passing day we think about that beloved whom the cupid had stuck its arrow on. The rejection gets under our nerves, making us think that we are nothing but losers and no good could ever happen to us. The clouds of depression start to hover above us. Though going through this dark stage some of us still don’t give up. We try to do every possible thing to impress that special someone. In some cases many of us do even win the hearts of our beloved but in most cases the scenario is the opposite.
     A person rejected or dumped needs to understand that they need to stop obsessing about the one they love. To constantly follow that person’s every move on social networking sites or apps or to stalk them via phone or messages or worst even in person would only drag that person astray from us because it is obvious that they don’t need us. This in turn would only hurt us more.
     The best way to get over that feeling of rejection is to look forward in the future and give our life another chance. To stop thinking about what we lost and to start thinking about what we can perhaps gain. Life is short, too short for the gifts it has to offer to us. So why not look on the bright side and give life another chance. Why not to humor ourselves saying “go get a life dude”. There are people who make your life living hell and then there are people who make you think ‘are they angels?’. We all get both kinds of people at some or the other phase of our life. All we need to do is search those angels. They wouldn’t stop coming, then why should we stop looking for them?
     It’s always nice to go to people who are welcoming than to go to those who make faces when they see us. A person who can make us smile is better than a person who makes us cry. Only if we move on, can we find the person who really wants to be with us.Why to wait for people who never wants us to be in their life? Is the feeling of getting continuously rejected or being hold up greater than the feeling of trying out new things, perhaps trying to know different people who are like us? So we should stop beating our self about being rejected or dumped. Instead get a life which is ever changing and ever challenging and never giving a shit about the dramas it gives us to deal with.
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -- Thoreau

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