First Step

Posted on the 02 December 2013 by Rashidabaji @Rashidabaji
I once heard in a movie "An extraordinary day starts with an ordinary morning." Now isn't that true?

First Step

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For people like Mark Zuckerberg never knew that something as small as a thought or an idea would change his ordinary day into an extraordinary one. Einstein never knew that the morning he devised the relativity formula would change the world of physics in ways that he could not have forseen. Something similar happened to me this morning. I woke up attented my daily mundane chores and as I was doing so, I had an idea to start blogging and I immediately started to look into the ways I could do so (as I was a total alien in the world of blogging). I had never dreamt about blogging untill a few months back when my fellow classmate started blogging which inspired me thoroughly. I always liked writing, but blogging was something far more confidence needing which I always lacked. This morning I forgot about my insecurities of how the world would perceive me as a writer and hopped on to the train of writing.Hardly do I know whether readers would like my posts or not but a woman cant stop hoping,now can she? Starting this blog is my first step into the world where people love to read and write what they like. I have kicked my insecurities into the bin and now really looking forward to write and reflect. Having a new blog has changed my ordinary day into an extraordinary one for sure. P.S : I would really like my readers to comment on my posts. Healthy criticism is always welcomed. my email id: [email protected]

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