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Are You Single?

Posted on the 20 December 2014 by #hartchronicles @jewelsjaye

Yep, I was asked tonight!

You’d think I was being hit on by a gentleman caller. I’d even love to say that I was asked by an eligible (or ineligible even) bachelor, and I had to let the poor guy down easy! –but no!

Imagine my surprise when those three words were uttered by an upward-gazing, (no more than) 8 or 9 year old girl at a Christmas party!

She: Were you the one dancing outside tonight? (Staring up at me without introduction)

Me: No, that was my friend! (Smiling and pointing at my friend)

She: Are you single? (Blinking)

Me: I’m sorry? (Squinting and leaning down to hear her correctly because I know she didn’t just ask me if I was single!)
She: Are you single? (And continues) My dad is and he needs a new girlfriend.

Me: (Completely thrown for a loop) I’m not, but she is! (Pointing at the same friend– the party dancer, who’s in earshot and laughing)

She: (Blinking)

Me: Who’s your dad? (Because I must know who’s behind all of this Daughter Pimpage!)

She: He’s outside in the Santa hat, but he’s not Santa! (Not to be confused with the actual Santa who was also there; working the party!)

Me: Please take me to your father! (At this point I have to see him, and I’m contemplating giving him the… You ought to be ashamed of yourself look!– but I hadn’t yet decided.)

She: Ok. (As we walk) He’s dating Ms. Tracy but she’s not here so I was thinking he needs a new lady.

Me: Oh really?

*Meeting Dad*

Me: Your daughter is vetting suitable mates for you inside!

Guy In The Santa Hat: Oh she always does that! She wants a mom!

Me: Sorry I can’t assist. I’m married, but wanted you to be aware that she’s working the room!
(And with that I casually sauntered off)

I didn’t know wether I should be pissed at dad, feel horribly awful for daughter and chat with her about not talking to strangers– or all of the above! But I do know that it happened and I can’t make this stuff up!

…Another night in the life of!


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