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At Home Workouts

Posted on the 07 December 2014 by Mattie @comfyconfident

Lately, I have been dragging a bit and struggling to get myself out the door and to the gym. Plus, I haven’t been motivated to do cardio, at all. So the combination of the two has made it hard for me to work out because I really haven’t wanted to do anything. However, I can’t skip too many workouts without getting ridden with guilt and stress so I have been squeezing in quick, efficient at home workouts when I get really antsy for not doing anything.

When I do quick workouts my goal is to get my heartrate up and keep it up. I take very few breaks and try to keep moving the whole time so I am working hard the whole time. I love to incorporate plyometeric exercise with toning and strength because I never do that sort of stuff when I am running a lot and I always feel strong and fit after.

I plan on signing up for some races in the new year to hopefully help me get running again and more motivated to hit the gym but for the time being these types of workout are working a-ok!


15 Minute Arm Burner Circuit Workout

500 Abs

30 Minute Total Body Workout

What are your favorite types of at-home workouts?
Do you have a go-to website for finding workouts?

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