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Back to Basics...Bringing Politeness Back!

Posted on the 24 October 2012 by Thandi @sassymissy
I was at the mall the other day and as i was coming out from the shops, I noticed this elderly lady trying to push a full trolley to her car boot. A young man who usually helps to control the cars, stopped what he was doing and came up to her, took her trolley and pushed it the rest of the way. The look on the lady's face was one of pure gratitude and sincere thankfulness. It never cost the guy a thing to be such a gentle man, but it made the lady content :). I walked off smiling inside determined to make someone's day too!
When i was younger ( yes yes i know i'm still young...ok maybe i should say...) When i was much much younger i used to think being polite meant saying "Please, Thank you and Sorry"...which is what my mom taught me. But i have grown to find that it involves doing much more than that. But unfortunately the world has become so so busy that  more and more people loose this important value.
Back to Basics...Bringing Politeness back!It would be awesome though if there where more people in the world like the young man - Treating others with respect, integrity, value and love you also probably would like to receive.A little politeness goes a long way. You never really  know what someone is going through. What u may see as a small gesture might truly mean alot to them! So whether it is to the postman, Shopkeeper,teacher or children or whoever you interact with on a daily basis, Go on and be polite! Say " Hello (Name) or (no name) i hope you have a great day today"..Say " I value your opinion"...Ask "how are you truly feeling? "..Say " it'll be ok"..
Back to Basics...Bringing Politeness back!
 Say" Please, Thank you and Sorry"

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