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Barry M Goes Gelly!

Posted on the 22 October 2012 by Laurat24
After years of having acrylic nails which left my nails as thins as paper, I decided enough is enough. Everyone has been raving on about Gel nails but at around £30 for a Gel Manicure I thought I would just stick to classic DIY nail polish for the time being.
So you can imagine my delight when Barry M announce they are releasing a new nail polish, 'Gelly' which promises to look similar to actual gel nails and last as long.  Hurrah! I thought, and in my eager beaver way, went straight on to Amazon and ordered the 'pomegranate' color for £4.00 plus £1.00 posting. What a bargain! I thought, only to be informed by a friend that Boots  were doing a 3 for 2 offer so I could have got 3 colours for £8 and instead I paid £5 for one! Gutted. That will teach me to have some patience.
Anyway, as soon as it arrived in the post I wasted no time in putting it to the test. To  be honest I dont think it gives off the look of having proper gel nails but it does have a nice high shine to it and it is very opaque so you would only need two coats maximum, and could definately get away with not using a top coat. It also has a very fast drying time, roughly around 3 minutes which is a massive bonus, as most of my nail polishes are OPI or Jessica, and they need a good 10 minutes at least to dry properly.
Barry M Goes Gelly!I was very impressed how long it lasted as well, with any normal nail polish I usually chip it within the same day or the next day at best! So I was very pleased to see that after 5 days I did not have a single chip! Unfortunately it did slowly start to chip after this time period but it is definately more hard wearing than any other nail polish I own, and I have too many to count!
I will definately be buying more colours of this as it is a good product and at £4 each you cant go wrong!
   Laura xoxo

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