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Be With Me .....It's Back!!

Posted on the 04 December 2016 by Mayankkashyap
You know the most stupid thing one can do is to leave behind the things which made them, you can simply call refer them as “Jerks”. Here I’m bringing out one of the greatest jerk of all time… Ladies and Gentleman put your hand together for ME.
Be With Me .....It's back!!I have been really outspoken about my aspiration and desires for writing in almost every interview of mine. My journey as a child who was afraid to share his work in a concern of being judged to a writer who was a rated among the Top 50 bloggers in India and subsequently moved on to pen down a book was like a dream. I just never expected it to happen so fast. I may not be talented enough but surely I was very fortunate. Jai mata di.

I don’t need to tell you how good it felt because you know it but then I never realized when everything slipped away from my hands. It’s a happy day for me as SNAPPY THOUGHTS is finally going live again so I will not write what actually occurred and why I wasn’t writing. Let bygones be bygones forever.
With a hope that my readers still remember me, I promise you that this time I’m back and I am not going anywhere. In case some of you have forgotten my work then I will make sure that my work will again make a place in your life and will stay there as long as the entire human race survives.  (Ok, the last part was a bit dramatic.) I will not alter the look of my website because we will begin from the position where we exactly left each other and this time it will be a never ending journey. I don’t leave you and hope you will stay with me.
I need your support and for that I need to win back your heart. After that we will find out if my name can again be named among the top bloggers in India. Even if it doesn’t happen again but please be with me.
#snappythoughts #bewithme 
By Mayank Kashyap

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