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Rose...The Untold Story

Posted on the 05 January 2017 by Mayankkashyap

I will tell you my story right from the moment I was born as a bud.Small but not vulnerable because nobody picks a bud, a full grown flower with a beautiful smell and lush colors were the obvious choice for the people. But don't be mistaken, though I am calling it a vulnerable stage but actually that is one of the most prestigious moments for us to be picked for a great event. There is one thing I want to confess. We, the roses are one of the most overrated things in the universe. We blossom, look beautiful, smell good and make people happy but then we are gone, back to the soil from where we were born. Sometimes I express joy with a witty, thought of mine and I am holding a Liberty here to apportion it with you. If we were humans, we would have been Prostitutes. We would get to our clients looking beautiful. Our vendor aka pimp would receive immediate payment. Clients would smell us adore us and utilities us and then they would walk out.Anyways, I am always in awe of my elders aura, color and smell. They are important for people. People love us. For them, we symbolize love and passion. Even I want to reach at their level and I wanted to be adored and loved. I wanted people to appreciate me for my color and aura.  Sadly, I knew the difficulties I would face. I happen to be on the wrong side. I was not getting that exact amount of sunlight. I was afraid but thankfully I was fortunate to get water. Slowly, Yes! Slowly I started blossoming. I even remember people stating that I will be among the most beautiful rose. My fragrance was slowly traveling places and people were getting drawn towards me.  Since I was growing slowly, the full grown were being picked for different auspicious purposes. I was being adored and blessed. The lovers were relating their growing relationship with the beauty of my growth. Oh! What a dream I was walking through. Meanwhile, other roses kept growing faster and being nibbled. I never understood that I was left entirely.Rose...The untold storyThen I realized that I was so contented which the attention I am getting and people praising me that I actually stopped my will to grow more. Goddamn! What kind of a fool am I? I remained passive and disheartened. Slowly losing my hope and then that storm came. The time was there for me to say goodbye without being grown to the full. My story will soon be washed away. My beauty and smell will soon be forgotten. Then I was consumed.Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Next day and I am still here. May be there are more to suffer for me. My God was not done punishing me. My flower pot was misplaced and a bit broken. The sky was black and it may rain heavily again and then I will keep telling my sad story and how I was finally dead and you will feel sad for me. May be you would shed tears for me as well but soon even you will forget me. I will be lost eternally.The day slowly starts passing by rain was still hanging somewhere in the clouds and taking its time to kill me. Slowly the day ends and next morning I was born again.Yes! I was born again. The sun was shining and thanks to the misplacement of my pot I was now getting sufficient sunlight and my soil is having good amount of water too.  I know I will grow again and this time faster. Much faster than I ever expected!  As they say, Life is a funny thing just when I thought it's all over, I got a new life. This is what I really wanted. Today when I look back, I feel so ashamed that I was so pessimistic. Trust me and I am saying this from experience. When everything goes wrong and nothing works out, don't get disheartened. There is someone out there who will make everything right and all you have to do is to have faith.
Hence, just hold on to your problems they may get resolved tomorrow and never lose your hope again. By Mayank Kashyap

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