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Love....and the Calculations

Posted on the 04 February 2018 by Mayankkashyap

A love stuck, that’s what I am. However, the girl I am fighting for is no longer in a relationship with me. If life is funny then love is certainly a clown. Deep down, we knew this will have no future and soon we started to believe it.
Fools! Aren’t we.
I am sure she loves me and I am also sure that she knew that I love her but we were getting vulnerable every day because somewhere we knew this will never work. We even counted various reasons why this will not work. Two calculative assholes!
Love....and the calculationsWe met, we cried and we said goodbye.
Months started passing by. The time was tough and unbearable. I tried to convince myself and every time my heart said,” Just fuck off! I really know what you want.” And I always end up with a poker face.
A few months after that I found her in the metro. She was sitting in front of me.  Our eyes met and then they were wet. In no time we were crying in eachother's arm, hugging each other tightly.
Yeah, No body hooted or clapped which made the entire situation awkward.  But now we know we were thinking way too much. You don’t think when you love, you just love. There are no calculations and there are no logics.
Yes, you don't give up on love and deep down I always knew I was not fighting for a dead cause.

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