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Because You Are Not There Anymore...

Posted on the 27 January 2013 by Fizz @ThePoetsAlley

Because You Are Not There Anymore...I look at a photograph of yours,And I thought I was strong,That I had mourned enough,And that I had moved on.
But a tear whelms in my eye,And as it trickles,Through my face,I recall every detail about us.
And I miss the feeling of warmth and protected,Of being loved and being in love,Of being understood and touched,Of feeling good and inspired.
And I know that you are not there anymore,But I so wish you were,Because I feel all crumbled and lost,And you are not there to fix that any longer.
I cry myself to sleep,Hoping that someday in the future,I will have sorted everything out,And days like these will just be memories.
~A Poem By Fizz

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