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Beggars...What Should We Make of Them?

Posted on the 31 October 2012 by Thandi @sassymissy
What a shift from my previous Cute/pretty post right? ...Well on my way to work today, i passed by the same beggar on that same spot and wondered "is this his life?"..It provoked thought in me so i decided to blog about it Beggars...What should we make of them?  I dont know about how the beggars in your country are, but here in South Africa alot of them on the road sides and robot lights act as though what they do is a profession! They just come up to car windows and look straight at you for empathy. Beggars these days just take advantage of innocent people's sympathy in exchange for money which most of them use for cigarettes or drugs! In my community we try not to give them money but instead food that can sustain them for a day.But for some reason, i am not ok with this...Why must we do this? Why can't they try at least to do something...anything! Become a cleaner, wash cars...do something that does not require much skill. I am truly confused because i dont know when a beggar is actually truly in need or when they just play on people's emotions. There used to be this beggar in town who faked a limp and body distortion to get pity and money! It's terrible for real. And now they use little kids and babies for the same "pity" effect! And thousands are trafficked to be used as beggars too :( Beggars...What should we make of them?  I know there are some people with true disabilities and loads of problems who can do nothing else but beg...and i wouldn't hesitate helping out. But more & more people are just lazy fakes What do you think?...What must we do?...What can we do?  ....in deep thought

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