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Beliebers Look Away Now!

Posted on the 12 November 2012 by Laurat24
The behavior of some "twits" on twitter yesterday (excuse the pun), have driven me to voice a rant that has been building for a long time, but yesterday was the last straw.
As everyone knows it was Rememberance Day, a day everyone in the world recognises as a historic event and people remember the thousands of brave soldiers who gave their tomorrows so we could have our today.
But unfortunately, we now live in a world where breaking news is considered to be things like: "Miley Cyrus has cut her hair!" "Britney Spears has gone loopy with an umbrella" or the most recently: "Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have called it a day". I mean, really?! The one day we all take just two minutes out of our lives to remember people who actually did something brave and heroic for us, and the most trended topic of convesation on twitter was about Justin bloody Bieber?!
Beliebers Look Away Now!Now, as you can tell, I have never been a Belieber, in fact I think the guy is a complete plank, with annoyingly catchy but average songs and cheesy dance routines to boot, but somehow, this boy has turned the worlds teenagers, even some adults, insane. Girls want to marry him, guys want to be him. Every where I go now I see boys, even men, with his exact haircut. Whatever happened to originality?!
I'm not going to lie, of course I went through a phase in my teens where my bedroom was covered with posters of boybands, but my time was before the likes of the biebs, and One Direction, and was more, Another Level, Blue, 5ive, and Boyzone, which of course makes me feel ancient. But we were  never as obsessive as fans of today seem to be. Yes there may have been a few crazy stalkers around but it wasn't considered the norm as it is now. Agreed this is mainly due to the easy access we have to celebrities these days through twitter/facebook. But its really sad to see these young girls developing these unhealthy obsessions with these "stars" who they have never met, and lets face it, probably never will. They send death threats to other women if they are even linked to their crushes, plan their lives around them by following them all over the country, getting hysterical or even fainting at the sight of these popstars. There lives become consumed by this one person or band that doesn't know they even exist. An example of this is when one of the girlfriends of a one directioner was forced to close down her twitter and was afraid to leave her house after getting so much abuse and death threats by these jealous fans. It has just turned into complete madness.
I don't mean to rant on about the "youth" of today like an old granny but it just makes me really angry that alot of the new generation are not being brought up knowing and respecting days like 11/11 and care only about what Justin Bieber had for lunch.
So please people, lets not forget about the things that really matter, and always remember the poppy :)
  Laura xoxo
Beliebers Look Away Now!

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