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Beyond The Sea, #1237

Posted on the 21 October 2015 by Juliezaz1 @juliezaz1

I lived in Santa Monica, CA for almost a decade, which was only approximately a quarter of my life.  During my days living in the California sun, I took full advantage of living blocks from the ocean.  I spent almost every Sunday gazing at the waves, breathing in the salty air and feeling the sand under my feet,  Those Sunday afternoons were some of the happiest times in my life, and most of that time I spent all by myself.  More often than not, that beach time was spent in quiet solitude with headphones and good books rather than laughing it up with friends, and I loved every minute of it.

When I moved away from California, it never occurred to me just how much I would miss the ocean.  Again, most of my life was not spent in towns with any beaches even remotely in driving distance.  (Of course, there was Lake Erie in Ohio, but we never went)  Now when we head out of town on vacation to a city along the sea, there is usually a day devoted to the beach, and at the end of those precious beach days, I have to peel myself away.  It makes me so teary leaving it behind and not knowing when I’ll be at the ocean again.  Simply, the ocean moves me, and it’s like I’m under its spell anytime I’m in its presence.

I’m writing this blog today to act as a reminder that if you are a person who is so fortunate to live near the ocean, never ever take it for granted.  The ocean is a magical place, and here are a few photos of the ocean through my eyes from my recent visit to Carlsbad State Beach outside of San Diego.  It’s my way of sharing the magic, and hopefully you’ll be able to feel it through these pictures on your computer screen.

My song of the day is a classic.  Bobby’s Darin’s “Beyond the Sea” is the kind of song that makes your heart melt just as the ocean does, and one classic deserves another.

Beach_Wave1 Beach_Wave3 Beach_RunforLives1 Beach_WaveSprayKids

Beach_Sunset5 Beach_Sunset1 Beach_Sunset11 Beach_Sunset8 BeachSunsetKiss1 Beach_SunsetKids

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