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Bold Story: Switching from Luigi to Mario for Halloween - Just Another Breakthrough for Samuel

Posted on the 23 October 2014 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot

Samuel as Mario 2011I am the only mother I know who cried when her child was potty trained.

I am the only mother I know who calculated the birthdate of her child and said, “Phew, you don’t have to leave home at seventeen!”

I am the only mother I know who couldn’t speak when she heard, “It’s a boy” because she literally thought she (in this case I) could only have girls.

The final “am I the only one” is the reality of my little boy not being much of a little boy anymore.

I am horrible at believing and acting as if my children are growing up or in a couple cases, “all grown up.”

We got Samuel a Halloween costume Monday.

Samuel as Mario 2010For the past few years he has been Luigi as in the Super Mario Brothers. This year, he decided to be Mario and he could only fit into an adult man’s costume. I wasn’t prepared for him to wear an adult man’s LARGE costume.

This whole adventure in Halloween costumery feels bold for several reasons.

#1) The switch from Luigi to Mario is shocking to my system. He was Luigi in 2010, 11, 12, and 13.

#2) The idea of my thirteen-year-old wanting to be a video game character is something I worry about as well, just because I don’t want him to be teased.

Samuel as Mario 2013#3) The more grown up Samuel and his sisters get, the more practice in letting go this Mommy will be required to do. Remember, I cried at potty training. Ever since Samuel was diagnosed with autism, I have lived in some form of fear almost all the time.

 His choice to change from Luigi to Mario may be a bigger deal than we can tell.

Every day, in every way - he grows up a little bit more.

I have asked the question over and over (and perhaps you have, too) What doe normal mean and who wants to be normal, anyway?

It isn’t me. It isn’t usually my children.

Why change anything about that now?

Did I mention Samuel is bucking tradition and being Mario this year rather than Luigi? Photos coming soon....


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