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Bon Anniversaire!

Posted on the 15 October 2011 by Thefatalfemme @The_Fatal_Femme
To me!!
It's my birthday! YAAAAAY!
I'm 25.
A quarter of a century.
A third of the way through my life. I'm planning to clock off about 75.
Yes, I did still get to lick the bowl. Of course.
My mom treats me like the baby. And I like it. Especially when cake's concerned. I licked both whisks. And the bowl.
And I feel a bit sick. But that's normal on your birthday.
I didn't have any presents to open.
Not because my family are mean. But because I've already received them.
My sister bought me Laura Mercier's tinted moisturiser that I needed for a wedding a month ago. So I've already got that.
My mom bought me some boots for the cold weather that started about 2 weeks ago. So I've already got them.
My boyfriend treated me to a mini-break in Harrogate in Yorkshire last month. So I've already done that.
The rest, I am yet to receive as I am home with my parents for the weekend so can't see my friends.
But I've had lots of cards. And I did shed a tear at the lovely words written in them (it's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!)
It has made me think/titter about all the birthday phrases that we say and write every year:
"Make a birthday wish"...erm ok, I wish it was my birthday every day. That's the only birthday related wish I can make...
"Many happy returns"...now what does this one mean? "Enjoy returning all the crappy presents you receive, I would've given you the money directly, but it's just so crass"? Hmmmm...
"You're only as old as you feel"... well I've woken up with a cold so about 62...
There is one slightly crueller one too, if you are sensitive, look away now:
"It's better to be over the hill, than buried under it"...well thank you. Good point. Now, where's the gin?
The beauty of one's/my birthday, is that one/I can technically do what one/I wants.
Which is why I'm still in my pajamas. Eating cake mixture from a whisk.
I share my birthday with a few other people too: Dominic West, Chris De Burgh, Sarah Ferguson, Mario Puzo and Friedrich Nietzsche.
Bit of a mixed bunch.
Bit of an odd bunch.
I wonder if they're in their pajamas too. Licking cake mixture from a whisk.
Not the same whisk. Obviously. That would be weird.
Happy birthday too all those lovely, lucky people out there who were born today.
Make a birthday wish and many happy returns ;-)
Watch this space...

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