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Book Review #3 Feel The Fear...And Do It Anyway!

Posted on the 31 March 2014 by Laurat24
Hi Lovelies,
  I wanted to share with you, the latest book I've read, called Feel The Fear...And Do It Anyway! by Susan Jeffers. This has been one of the most powerful and inspiring books i've ever read.
Let me start by saying how I came across it. I have always been a natural worrier, to the point where the smallest setbacks would send me into a spiral of anxiety for days. Confiding this to a friend, she recommended this book. Now, I won't lie, at first I was hesitant, I thought it was going to be one of those patronising self help books with a load of phschology ramblings. But I promised to give it a go so I ordered the book and as soon as it arrived I got stuck in.
The lady that wrote this is a complete genius. She explains how we attract good things into our lives by being positive and happy, and seeing the good in bad situations, she explains it in a language I can understand. The bottom line of the book is to teach you how to be a confident and secure person, and to have a healthy balanced life, through the power of positive thinking. I know it sounds a bit quirky and hippy but everything in the book made complete sense. There's lots of exercises throughout to get you started. E.g. Go for one whole week without complaining or bitching about a single thing. Now this may not seem that difficult, but believe me, it really was. I had no idea how much I complained about, from my train being late in the morning, to someone that had been rude to me that day. I was surprised how difficult I found it to smile through my annoyances and move on!
This book teaches you  to appreciate and focus on what you have got, not what you don't have, and how to live everyday to the fullest. To put yourself out of your comfort zone and by doing so, increasing your confidence. It teaches you that it's ok to feel scared, but to do what scares you anyway, hence the title.Some people might think this is all common sense and that's how you should live anyway, well, lucky you, because for alot of us that suffer severe anxiety, it's extremely hard to stay positive and confident when things aren't going the way that you want.
This book is definitely for anyone that wants to change their mindset to be a more secure and positive person and to see another side of themselves! I definitely feel alot more relaxed and happier, in the knowledge that whatever isn't going right, I can handle it.
You can purchase the book here for £5.59 from Amazon.
Have any of you read this or something similar? Would love to hear your thoughts!
Book Review #3 Feel The Fear...And Do It Anyway!

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