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Book Review ------- The White Queen, Philippa Gregory

Posted on the 07 December 2012 by Laurat24
Hi Beauts!
For all my fellow bookworms, I feel compelled to review my latest read as it is brilliant! 
Book Review ------- The White Queen, Philippa GregoryThe White Queen is not the normal type of book I would read as it's set in the Tudor times and I’ve never really been a fan of that era. But a friend convinced me to read it after saying how good it was and she was right. It’s written in modern words so there’s none of that “where for art though” old English language that I cannot understand in the slightest. It’s an old book written for modern times.
Its based on a true story too, although alot of it seemed to be rumours which Philippa portrays as fact. But to be fair, If the story was told exactly how it happened back then i'm sure it wouldn't be nearly as interesting!
There's 3 main books in the series: The White Queen is the first, then The Red Queen, and then The Lady Of The Rivers, is the third book.
The first one is centred around Elizabeth Woodville, a young woman who catches the king of englands eye, marries him and from then on has to fight a constant war to protect herself and her family from jealous Royals who don't believe she has any right to be queen, or her future sons to be king since she doesn't have any royal blood. It includes the real life mystery of the disappearance of her two sons from The Tower of London, who even today, no one really knows what happened to them. This book has plenty of Drama, twists and turns and is a real page turner.  
I really enjoyed reading this and would definitely recommend it to anyone that loves a good book even if you don't think it's your type of thing. I can't wait to read the next one!  
Has anyone else read these? Would love to hear your thoughts!
   Laura xoxo

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