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Posted on the 15 July 2014 by Gracem16 @TSITR_Gracie
Hey guys,
So you know when you have a bright idea.Is the idea that nobody needs bookshops any more that very closed of spaces and not open to the public people don't want to read in their people don't want to sit there and enjoy their book they would rather do in some other space and they have not caught up with the 20th century standards of today bookshops are very archaic thing. My idea involves taking bookshops to another level to bringing them forward rather than their set ways that they are now.
This idea involves using the reader as well as the books so back on the shelf would have the barcode or some way of getting to the e-reader just as quick as the book were to buy. Another idea is using technology more in the bookshops of today which I spoken about just a minute ago there will be a much more creative space space where you could film videos are talking about your ideas to the Internet. These bookshops is tomorrow would be much more immersive than the sometimes cold bookshops of today where you simply just buy a book and leave. It would be a much more fun creative enjoyable space and it wouldn't be cut off by very archaic methods but be more involved. After all a lot of the younger readers are drawn away from bookshops because of their nature of being very solid quiet places however these bookshops tomorrow need to include speed younger readers rather than push them away. They need to encourage them and lure the men rather than alienate them in a way. I also think that bookshops have lost their appeal simply because of the price, and not a lot of people can afford these steep prices. However in these bookshops tomorrow with the aspect of buying on your e-reader, having a you can enjoy the book somewhere comfortable almost homely rather than a blank space. These bookshops tomorrow be somewhere that would intrigue of the imagination somewhere where you could talk with other readers rather than being told to be quiet.
I am in the last time I was in now Waterstones and I didn't like my experience and there are only when in that simply grab the book die needed and it was hardly an enjoyable experience. The sales staff seem to be lacklustre about their knowledge in the books they didn't seem to want to engage. The layout in Waterstones is very cold, there is no imagination the books are simply on the shelf where they should be by alphabetical order. Yet if we enhance this technology and made bookshops much more interactive this would both encourage adult readers and also younger readers to be more immersed in the books that they are reading. An example of this is if you walked into one of these bookshops and saw a amazing display of 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' here you could interact with the characters with this not intrigue you. There are also a lot of branded coffee shops with in places such as Waterstones and this can also alienate the reader as sometimes the generic patterns of the shops becomes that something corporate. I understand why Waterstones is afraid of people drinking coffee and reading, however can you not trust your readership just a little? Why do two things have to be so separate from each other? Why can't we drink coffee and read a book as if we were home? Surely this would be much more involving. With Waterstones being the leader in bookshops you would think that they would involve their readers more and from my own experience I didn't feel very involved within the book buying.
Another huge competitor from books is Amazon simply because of their reasonable price rates, their quick service, and now involvement in customers. So surely Waterstones be trying to better than them try and find a way to bring their readers more to their bookshops and I myself as a reader's as I said felt pushed away by Waterstones and afterwards would shop Amazon simply because of the experience I've had. However if we were to revolutionize bookshops and bring them into the 20th century with these new technologies, more creative spaces, and less corporate coffee shops surely we would be involving the readers more.
After all these points mentioned this still remains an idea and I think we have a long way to go before bookshops are revolutionizing the way we would like to see. What do you think my idea? Do you think that it would work? Or do you think there will be too late for bookshops in general? Has Amazon truly sucked the life out of buying books?

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