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Brunei Foldout Pamphlet

Posted on the 20 June 2012 by Bazkarim @BazKarim
Below is one of the first projects assigned to me from Brunei Tourism. It is a small booklet that folds out into a map. What it is, is an informational booklet that gives its readers a brief description of what Brunei Darussalam has to offer to its people and visitors.
This booklet wouldn't have been a success without the help of my Editor - who helped me coordinate the project, Brunei Tourism - for all the information given to me to summarise and put together, Brunei Press (printing service) - Having that actual pamphlet in my hands is one of the most awesome feelings ever!  Lastly, i would like to thank our Designers - who worked hours/days/weeks on this. Without your help and skills this pamphlet would have been non existent. 
The whole booklet / map is roughly A5 in size (a little smaller)
Brunei Foldout PamphletFront Cover
Brunei Foldout Pamphlet PG 1, 2
Brunei Foldout Pamphlet PG 3,4  (CENTER)
Brunei Foldout PamphletPG 5,6  Brunei Foldout PamphletBACK COVER
Brunei Foldout Pamphlet
Brunei Foldout PamphletBrunei Foldout PamphletBrunei Foldout PamphletBrunei Foldout PamphletBrunei Foldout Pamphlet

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