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Posted on the 31 January 2013 by Thecuriousmrbee @campbell988
For most people who know me, know that I don't deal well with change. And right now we are in the middle of a doosy.
Moving sucks. Especially when you don't want to.
it's that time of year where your landlord starts lurking around again and asking questions like, "think you'll be staying another year?". What happens though when you don't know the answer? My roommates and I are split. Half of us want to stay and half of us want to leave. Not because we are questioning our unconditional love for each other, but because there are qualities about this house that are a bit, shall we say, under qualified. There's awful heating (essential for us Canadian's), drawers are broken, lights are unscrewed and things are just more or less falling apart.
What they are failing to see however, is the sheer beauty in all these flaws. We have an old house, and I mean really old. But that's the beauty of it! Of course things are going to be falling apart. Holes can get punched in the most expensive of walls. Any place we move into has it's ups and downs, we've just got to learn to love what we have and take it for as long as we can. It's easy to love when We have a beautiful full wall bookshelf in our living room, old atlas wallpaper as soon as you walk in the door and full sized windows in the sunroom (what we like to call the "culture room") that open fully to the outdoors where you can sit and eat breakfast as you watch unaware passersby. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?!
So what do you do?
I always told myself that if I didn't live in this house then I would probably move somewhere bigger, better. That time has come now and I am shamefully unprepared. What do you do? Move to a house for another year, dislike it but build up a portfolio and a plan, or move away, start new and just go for it? For now I guess only time will tell. But right now, even time has an expiration date. 

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