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D.I.Y. Computer Charger Wrap

Posted on the 09 February 2013 by Thecuriousmrbee @campbell988

Are you so shocked and ashamed by Lance Armstrong's confessions that you no longer feel a need for all those Livestrong bracelets? Well feel no more, for I have a solution and a purpose to keep supporting its background cause. What better way to display your donation then by holding the wayward pieces of your computer cord together with this mighty arm band.
Store bought computer cord wraps
I'm not %100 sure if they work for other types of cords, but I think it would be worth a shot.
I was in my campus bookstore the other day checking out the cool computer gadgets they've got and I stumbled upon these things. They are apparently supposed to be used for holding your Macbook computer cord together when the extension is on. This is a really great idea, but those bands look like a cheap knock off of one of those stretchy jelly-like bracelets (much like a Livestrong one), maybe only 1/2 inch thicker.
Over the next couple of days I kept my eye out for some cheap versions of those bracelets. While I waited for something to catch my eye I tried things that I already had at hand. I first tested this theory with a really thin elastic band. With the cord being as heavy as it is, the elastic failed.  I started to second guess whether or not this D.I.Y. was going to work but the next day my roommate came to me with a set of 3 Adidas versions of these jelly bracelets she just happened to be throwing away . Meant to be, right? So I took it upon myself to complete this challenge and blog all about it. What a great idea.
So here we are, and here is what my new organized Macbook computer cord looks like...
cord wrap cord
X Sarah

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