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Much Music VJ Search - Sarah Campbell

Posted on the 09 March 2013 by Thecuriousmrbee @campbell988

After a few of my friends mentioned that Much Music was having a VJ Search and I should apply, I figured why not?
When they told me however, there were only4 days left, so I had to come up with an awesome video in only a couple days.
It was relatively easy to do because all of the taping was just done in and around my house, so no major planning had to be done. It was a lot of fun because I've never done an audition tape before, so it was fun trying out something new. I'll admit it was a bit embarassing talking about myself in the middle of my living room. Thankfully not many of my roommates were home so I didn't have to do it in front of anyone. It may also be because I made sure of it by putting signs on doors hahaha.
Click here to watch the YouTube video!

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