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Posted on the 26 April 2012 by Thefatalfemme @The_Fatal_Femme
Is it just me or is the world inundated with charm bracelets at the moment?
They're charming.
Charmed I'm sure...
But part of me thinks I'm a little old for them. Horror of horrors.
Don't get me wrong, the option of choosing whatever beads or charms I would like on a bracelet really is very modern and innovative.
However, I am indecisive. I'm not even sure about the sandwich I just ate...
I thought the beauty of capitalism and commercialism is that I am told what I want.
When did I have to start making the decisions?
I used to be a sucker for advertising...
Anyway, I suppose I must have a point.
Ah yes! My age!
I think I'm too old for charm bracelets or those, you know, ones where you can choose your beads? Yes them. I'm too old for those whatcha-call-ems.
Is there anywhere where I can find beautiful, classic pieces of jewelry for the 20-30 something year old woman?
You know the ones, you can wear them forever and they never seem to die a tragic death in the fashion world. Classics I believe one would call them.
Well I stumbled across a new brand.
Literally bumped right into them on Twitter: "Oh well hello there!"
May I introduce you to, Molly B Couture.
Their jewelry is gorge. Total gorge.
Have a looksy: www.mollybcouture.com
I have, personally, got my eye on the Innes Collection... and the Love Knot... and the Salon... oh to hell with it, I'll take em all!

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