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Clinique || Hand And Cuticle Cream

Posted on the 01 February 2013 by Laurat24
Hi Guys!
Clinique || Hand And Cuticle CreamI haven't posted in a while...unfortunately my motivation for blogging these past couple of weeks has been virtually non-existant if I'm honest. Not for not wanting to blog of course, I literally have found that I've blinked and January has disappeared before my very eyes. I was actually hugely surprised when I looked at the date on my phone this morning and it said 1st Feb! I've had a hectic month with various birthdays, and if you have read my New Years post, you will know that I am also trying to stick to my New Years Reso's, (which I will do a catch up post about soon). Not to mention the January blues I have been suffering. Has anyone else felt massively tired this entire month? After Christmas I literally haven't been able get back into the swing of things. After work every night I pretty much have a hot bath and go straight to bed. So unfortunately I haven't had time to sit down and write. I didn't want to write any old rubbish for the sake of posting so decided to leave it until inspiration came to me!
Anyway, I dont do too many product reviews, but when I find a great product (or sometimes, a disappointing product) I feel compelled to give it a little review :)
I've only recently started using any type of moisturising cream on my hands. I never really thought it was that important  and a waste of money but I was wrong. We use our hands everyday so why shouldn't we look after them?! Remember, they are one of the first places that age! So I decided to try Clinique deep comfort hand and cuticle cream. So far I'm very impressed. It has a lovely smell and a  light texture that makes your hands unbeliveably soft and smooth. I found my skin stayed very soft long after I first applied the cream.  I have noticed a definite improvement with my cuticles to, they were getting quite dry and cracked looking but now look almost as good as new!
You can pick this up for £17.00 from Selfridges, John Lewis  which sell it for £15.30 or Harrods. Even though it is rather pricey I would definitely recommend it as you really do only need to use a tiny amount each time, so it will definitely last you a long time.
Have you used this before? What are your favorite hand products?
Clinique || Hand And Cuticle Cream

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