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Cold, Cold Go Away...

Posted on the 04 November 2012 by Laurat24
If you do not wish to read a post that is a full on whinge, I suggest you close this now.
As I type this I am laid out on my sofa surrounded by tissues and cough sweets and feeling extremely sorry for myself. I have fallen victim to the common cold due to these sudden antarctic conditions we have been plunged into.
I had a lovely long weekend planned full of drunken nights out. I had booked Monday off work in preparation for the inevitable hangover. Instead my only trips have been to my bed, the sofa, the bathroom and back to bed again, whilst my lovely mom brings me cups of tea and chicken soup every hour to soothe my sore throat, because, and I quote her:"you sound like a sheep on crack, love" (charming!) . Cold, Cold Go Away...  I already have forgotten what it feels like not to have a cold, and am going out of my mind stuck at home whilst everyone updates their facebook and twitter statuses, about going on holiday, going shopping or just going to the pub, I am actually jealous of them all!
Last night I was so bored and so gutted I wasn't out with the girls drinking far too much wine and drunkenly bopping away to some sing-along cheese, that I went a bit mad online shopping and bought a few too many things that is definately going to upset my bank balance over the course of the month. One item is the new YSL lipstick 'rouge volupte' which I will be reviewing very soon! Now I sound like enough of a drama queen as it is, so I will bring my rant to an end and go back to moaning on twitter :) How have your weekends been? Has anyone else had this awful bug yet? I need some sympathy!     Laura xoxo

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