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Cow Mama and Her Three Girls!

Posted on the 31 December 2011 by Cottonboyinusa @CottonBoyInUSA
Cow Mama and her three girls!
What is more important than to laugh and be delightful as the earth is rolling up the curtain and welcoming the year of 2012. May Cotton Boy wish everyone to reach the realm of Cotton World in which we are allowed to dream, to float and to be free!
Last October, I wrote a humorous story about a Cow Mama and her three little girls. If you have read it, please laugh again. If this is your first time to experience Cotton Boy’s humor, please be nice and laugh. If you are numb and think you have many better ones, why don’t you send me one and I will disseminate it to my fans.
Here is the story …
One sunny morning, a Cow Mama and her three baby cows were out grazing in the green pasture. The first baby cow asked Cow Mama, "Mama, why is my name “Daisy”?"
Cow Mama replied, "Well sweetie, when you were born, a daisy fell on your head."
The first baby cow was satisfied, bounced back and continued relishing the grass.
A moment later, the second baby cow came up to Cow Mama and questioned "Mama, why is my name "Pansy"?
Cow Mama happily chimed "Well, honey, when you were born; you were surrounded by many colorful pansies."
The baby cow reveled and was very invigorated, “Thank you, Cow Mama”. She continued gazing.
Then, there came the third baby cow. She was confused and inquired Cow Mama, “Mama, why didn’t you name me as some sorts of flowers? Why do I have the name, “Shitty”?”
Cow Mama gulped down an enormous air and said, “Sweet heart, I thought I was going to the bathroom, but you came out!”

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