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Crackpot Pottery and Ceramic Painting

Posted on the 04 November 2011 by Paige
Crackpot pottery and ceramic paintingI went to Crackpot Studio to meet up with another homeschooler who I hadn't met before. The art teacher I had at the Oakville Art Society thought I would like to be her friend and gave Mom her mom's email address. She was right. The girl was my age, nice, kind of like me and did a really good job painting her ceramic hippo. I gave her my business card so we can keep in touch. I don't give it out to too many people. I liked the feeling at crackpot too. It was calm and no one was looking over your shoulder telling you that you were doing it wrong. You had to choose everything yourself, the piece, the design and the paint colors. I chose a set of ceramic salt and pepper shakers to paint. We were at Crackpot just over two hours but I could have stayed longer.

Crackpot pottery and ceramic painting

Then we came home for lunch and I made mini pizzas and fried up some red peppers, zucchini and leeks. I want to practice cooking so I don't end up like my Aunt Vic who can only make grilled cheese sandwiches and cereal.
After that we went to my Grandpa's to have dinner for his birthday. We had food from Eddie's Chicken. It's a Portuguese restaurant with really good food.
Crackpot pottery and ceramic painting

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