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Crap! - Walked In On Stories

Posted on the 27 February 2013 by Missliabilities
The other night I may or may not (the latter if family members are reading) have been participating in R-rated sensual activities. As a courtesy, I asked M to please shut the door so the Roommate could enjoy peaceful sleep:
"Oh I think he left earlier."
"Are you sure? I didn't hear the front door."
"Yeah, I'm positive he's not here."
So instead of walking ten feet to shut the door we left it as open as the gates of hell. Sure enough the next morning I hear the shower running and I shake M awake.
"He was here the whole time!"
M says "Oh, hah." Then he rolls over and goes back to sleep.
But this got me to reminiscing about the stories I've heard from others about being walked in on during compromising situations. Here are my embarrassing/hilarious experiences, they are all PG-13 no worries!
1) High school. I was with my ex-boyfriend after his birthday and he was trying on some of his new clothes. He had stripped down to his boxers while I was watching TV a few feet from him. His mom walked in the room all of a sudden and my boyfriend jumped underneath the bed. I felt mortified because I didn't want her to assume that I had been doing anything with him. I was pure and innocent! He gave her some hilarious excuse of finding something under the bed while shuffling into pants. Haha.
2) College. M and I were visiting our hometown and got back late to his house. His parents' two cars weren't in the driveway or the garage, so we proceeded to make out in the mudroom close to the front door so we could hear them get in. M picked me up and pinned me up against the wall and we were getting into the PG-13 kissing when the room's light turned on above us. M's dad called out his name and M, stunned and brain lacking blood/oxygen kept me pinned to the wall. "Put me down! Put me down!" I squealed and hid behind M as his dad shook his son's hand and walked away. That was the second time I'd ever met M's dad. Skanky.
3) Recently. For M's birthday party we got wasted. We stumbled home and around that time I lost memories of the rest of the night. The Roommate came back early from the bar to find us chilling naked on the couch watching TV and eating chips. Apparently I picked up a pillow to cover up and ran upstairs giggling. The hangover was horrible the next day.
That's it! I'm not sure whether we're really boring or just extremely cautious. Locked doors go a long way :). What are some that you've experienced or heard about? The stories I've heard range from high school to middle-aged couples!

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