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Creating with No Form, No Structure, No Significance

Posted on the 19 May 2022 by Sani09 @sani09
When I wrote the title of this blogpost the only thing I could think of is water.There would be many quotes on the internet asking you to be like water, to change your shape according to situations.Like water, you can change your taste too based on what you are mixed with. You see, how you connect to different people from varied backgrounds but gel with them like you were born to gel with them, connect with the things that match and simply allow them to be different from you in their own ways without making the difference too significant. That's how I meet people, speak to them, I have different kinds of friends, from almost different worlds, and every one meets a different version of me that way.
A practical thought process to imbibe the philosophical perspective of being like water is to have no form, no structure, no significance. I could say these three words, and people may contract wondering how can we have no form, no structure or no significance when everyone wants to be significant?
Think closer, and you'll find it is only your ego talking and not your higher self or your soul.
Think of the word "higher self" or "soul".Sit with the word for a second.What do you feel?An ever expansive energy that won't have a shape and would probably reflect all colours of the rainbow in different times. Each color would actually be reflecting the chakra you are operating. I am purple as I write this. Yes, the crown chakra. Yes, manifestations and higher wisdom.
Many a times, we make things too significant for our own good. We make our wants too significant without acknowledging that what happens in and around us is exactly what's needed for our soul to grow and expand.
By having no form, we allow our bodies to grow thicker or thinner based on the needs of the body in different climates, in different geographies, based on its intake and the output expected out of it. The cells in the body are far more intelligent than we are that way. It gives what you need. I write this as I gain 2 more kgs in the last couple of days. Some lack of uninterrupted sleep, some input of sweet desserts, some lack of physical activity- everything has contributed to this. We would want to make ourselves wrong for gaining the weight without acknowledging how our lifestyle and recent choices contribute to it. By sticking to this number then we stop allowing the body to gain more or lose more as is required for it to function at its best. But what if we start allowing it to function the way it feels right to? Your body has been supporting your mind and soul from so many years, digesting the food you gave it, breathing in oxygen, walking for miles with you, and what not. Give it some credit that it knows what it is supposed to do. Give it some rest when it wants to. And give it some physical activity when it asks for it. By having no form, you stop sticking to the number on the weighing scale, you stop considering yourself as fat or thin or slim or hot or sexy. Somedays I feel thin, somedays I feel fat. Both days, I would allow my body what it asks from me by being in communion with it.
By having no structure, I allow myself to expand to different situations, I shape myself to different needs. Somedays a writer that needs nature to write creatively, somedays a sales and marketing professional that needs a laptop to type some numbers on the excel sheet. We adjust. We change shapes. We allow ourselves to redefine ourselves, every year, every month, every day.
Lastly, no significance. This is a big one. Sometimes we make things too significant for our own good. By learning to let things go I learn to not make them significant, not expand them out of proportion. Little conversations, things, and days that don't go your way- you can let them go.There is a quote by Richard Bach from Illusions which is one of my favourites where the Messiah is teaching the protagonist to remove actual clouds in the sky. He says, "If you really want to remove a cloud from your life, you do not make a big production out of it, you just relax and remove it from your thinking. That's all there is to it."That's how you make things insignificant. If we don't like something, why should we make it significant by talking about it or living it every day?
To want to be water, and knowing not how to, we can incorporate these three simple questions in life-1. Am I making it more significant than it needs to be?2. Am I giving it a rigid structure that doesn't allow it to change in the future?3. Am I so fixated on how something should look like or feel like that I am not allowing it to morph in the future?
When it comes to career, relationships, geographies, we forget to be like water. We want things to look like and feel like exactly how we imagine them to be. But when you truly create something you don't decide the outcome, you just create. The most magical creation is probably the birth of a child. You don't engage in an act of intercourse and expect exactly a boy or a girl who would have the father's eyes and the mother's nose and so on. You engage in the act and let things unfold in its own way. You don't create with a lot of expectations with the outcome. You create because you can, because you want to. And when the child is born and you know the gender, you allow the child enough to choose his/her sexuality or gender or partner or clothes or career as they grow up. That's the true beauty of life and creation of life. Then, why are we so worried.
Be like water, so that you don't have to go with the flow, you are the flow.
The subconscious mind is a wonderland and I am having a lot of fun working with it from the past two years. :-)
(In the next post I want to write about how we give reasons which are merely excuses. You want to do something, you do it. Reasons and justifications are not required. My reasons are just my excuse to what I wanted to do anyway.)

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