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Day 191: Talk to Me....

Posted on the 28 January 2013 by Nicky83 @thebigthreezero
My last post was 92 days ago. I wish I could regale tales of wonder and excitement but NO. I haven't been jet setting to sunnier climes  or even given this blog a second thought, well until the last few weeks anyway. 

I spent the last few weeks contemplating if I wanted to share what's been dominating my spare time. I considered how I'd put it into words. Then I just decided it was time to talk

So here it is.....I spent the latter end of 2012 supporting someone special in my life through a period of mental illness. My someone is special to me because they are  the strongest, bravest and most resilient person I know. This person is an inspiration to me because I've watched her solely raise 3 children, keep a clean and tidy home, maintain a full time job all whilst living with bipolar disorder.

What bipolar is for me is different to the experience of someone who lives with it. For me growing up around bipolar was sometimes a bit like taking a ride on a rollercoaster. 

Day 191: Talk to me....Most days were pretty even and uneventful but sometimes came those really big highs and the really big dips. 

I won't lie to you sometimes it was difficult and I often felt helpless watching someone I loved become unwell. As the years rolled by my knowledge of bipolar increased along with that of the general public and with knowledge came understanding. I learnt to watch out for  signs of a relapse such as little or no sleep, lack of motivation, increased isolation and many more but each person will identify their own. Eventually together we identified triggers such as Christmas. A joyous and fun time of year for some but for others it can be a time of high expectation for everything to be perfect, for every Christmas wish to be granted regardless and that's not even taking into account all the bright lights, music and merriment. 

Once we understood signs and triggers the rollercoaster ride was more like taking a train.

Day 191: Talk to me....

On the whole they're more predictable with the occasional bump in the road or tough decision at a crossroads but the control is yours because if the journey isn't right you can change it and get off!

There it is I did it I went and said it out loud. I spoke out about mental health, its daunting speaking out but it raises awareness, eliminates stigma and it can even support people with recovery. 

So if you want to talk about it please check out the 

'Time to Change' website for more information about the campaign 'To end mental health discrimination' 
For further information about Mental health or for advice and support please check out MIND.

P.s To my special person thank you and to you I dedicate this song

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