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DAY 3: Lesson Learnt

Posted on the 31 July 2012 by Nicky83 @thebigthreezero
I have memories albeit vague ones of a time when I was 21 and at university of me playing as hard as I worked. After a day of lectures we would often ‘pop’ in the pub for a swift which always ended up being a night of drinking until the early hours. The next day i would be in class poised with pad and pen ready to learn with the only evidence of the night before being told by my squiffy eyes.
DAY 3: Lesson Learnt(Swift drink after uni)
Now things are different. It has been 3 days since my birthday celebrations and I am only just beginning to feel human again. So I have learnt that with age my body can NO longer copewith binge drinking, unless of course I have 3 days to recover by sitting and watching trashy TV, eating junk and drinking litres of fizzy pop.
I am not saying that I am giving up drinking completely though......Time to act my age and drink in moderation.

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