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DAY 36: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Posted on the 02 September 2012 by Nicky83 @thebigthreezero
One of my biggest fears about turning 30 is that on my birthday I'm going to wake up and look like Dot Cotton from EastEnders.
DAY 36: Mirror Mirror on the wall
Dot Cotton from EastEnders
So since my countdown began I have been spending an increasing amount of time eye balling my reflection in the mirror. Now, please don't mistake me for a vain person as I've certainly not been gazing longingly at my reflection. No instead I have been looking and self assessing my face and body for any visual signs I'm getting old.  

Ok at the moment I don't resemble Nora Batty but I certainly have unearthed some physical changes in my body that can only have been acquired with age!

To start with when did I start growing a beard?Seriously! About a year ago my boyfriend started making jokes that he wished he could grow a beard as good as mine. I mistakenly took this as a bit of light hearted banter until my friend from work "reminded" me to see to my whiskers. After very little investigation I identified a few solitary hairs on my chin. I got to work and they were gone or so I thought. These little suckers are like cockroaches you kill one and 3 more turn up in it's place. At the moment my face fuzz is manageable but if they insist on multiplying in this way by the time I'm 30 I will be forced to use the boyfriends razor to do my face. Last laugh will be mine Andy, Ha!

As for 'the girls' by this I mean my boobs. Well they've seen better days. I'm not sure if I'm painting over old memories to make them appear nicer but I swear 'the girls' were firmer and perter. Now without the support of a bra they are similar to those little bean bags. You know the ones we wore on our heads during P.E lessons at primary school.  I know what your thinking that's not pretty and you would be right it's NOT but it's reality. That means I can no longer wear clothes braless instead when shopping for clothes I have tobuy tops that keep 'the girls' strapped in place and avoid them navigating under my armpits. Oh how things change! but nothing a good well fitted bra can't fix, Ha!

So despite the fear mongering about what happens to our bodies as we reach 30 so far I have no major crows feet, eye bags or frown lines, or at least non that can't be hidden ;-). So bring on the decreased flexibility, lack of energy and sagging skin I can't stop it now
Please don't leave me hanging, feel free to share the things you have noticed have changed for you as you've got a little older. 

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