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Dear Mori,Handsome, Sweetheart, Pumpkin Pie… Love of My l...

Posted on the 25 June 2013 by Missliabilities
Dear Mori,Handsome, sweetheart, pumpkin pie… love of my life, it has been 10.5 months since I moved to this town to be here with you. 10.5 months since I packed up that gorgeous city apartment that I ADORED, since I left that fantastic job which made me happy to wake up for in the morning, and the city I have pictures of taped next to my nightstand so it’s the last thing I see before I fall asleep.  Just for you, baby.Now we discussed the stipulations in the years of long distance leading up to me moving. Remember? Let me help you: If I were to move for you, I wanted to be asked within that year. Before I moved last August, I said that if I didn’t have a ring by June 10 – I’d move out. Unfortunately 15 days after my deadline, I’m still here, but please don’t be fooled into thinking it’s because I don’t have the balls to leave. Nope – I am merciful enough to give you a grace period because I know how slow you are when it comes to things that aren’t video games. You have missed every possible good time to ask in the past 6 months…. Christmas, our three year anniversary, our trip to Disney World, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, April 15 (it’s a holiday to me!), our trip to beach where we fell in love, and our no-longer existing long distance anniversary. I was fooled again and again into thinking THIS IS IT. I got my nails done, I put make up on, I questioned my friends and family to see if they knew. And then NOTHING. Sheer disappointment, again and again and again.The year mark is quickly approaching, and I hate to say this but if you haven’t asked by then – you are shit out of luck sweetie. I’m moving back to Maryland and continuing this relationship long distance until you’re ready to ask. It’s why I haven’t changed my license plates and why all those boxes are in the basement just waiting to be filled and labeled. And I’m taking the cat(s) with me.Everyone warned me not to move for you until I had a ring. They said that you wouldn’t ask and lately I’m starting to believe them. Do me a favor and let’s prove them all wrong again? K, just wanted to get that off my chest before you leave on your away rotation and I start drinking heavily while watching French Romance movies on Netflix.
Always Yours, (at least for the next month and a half)ElleP.S. I have a travel agent, two photographers, a wedding coordinator, and a florist on standby so PRETTY PLEASE ask soon so I can start planning???

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