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Posted on the 16 January 2013 by Simplystephanieblog @StephanieKonar

In the literary world, respect as an author means everything. That is exactly why when I contacted Ronnie F Strong, author of dolphin/person erotic novels, and asked him to discontinue using pictures of me that he had been without my permission, I fully expected him to comply. Not the case. Mr. Strong was active on FaceBook and Twitter all day but chose to ignore my messages asking for him to take down my pictures. As my name is linked to the pictures, I am now surfacing in searches linked to erotic novels (I was actually informed of this by someone who found me this way, talk about embarrassing). In my messages to Mr. Strong, I tried to convey how this defamed my character and as an author, thought he would understand that. Also not the case. As Ronnie has made his choice to continue to defame my character, I am choosing to define his.

Mr. Strong has an entire page of dolphin “finspiration,” if you will. This page is full of young women clearly enjoying themselves on vacation while swimming with dolphins. Or should I point out that most of the pictures are the “kissing the dolphins” shot? Have you vomited yet? No? Good, because there is more.

In an effort to try to find an email address for this respectable author, I viewed his LinkedIn Page (shortcut here). Under “Honors and Awards,” Ronnie points out he likes to do “a lot of self congratulating.” Get it? What a creative play on words for an erotic novelist. And he has my pictures with a bunch of other young women saved as inspiration….you can vomit now.

Seeing as Mr. Strong refuses to respond to my messages or take my pictures down, I have removed the pictures from where they were stored on my blog, and replaced them with, “Picture was removed due to a copyright infringement committed by Ronnie F Strong.” Oh, that is also linked back to this page for an explanation.

Ronnie, if you are reading this (which I expect you will), let me catch you up to speed on how the blogging world works. As soon as I publish this, all 875 of my subscribers will be emailed this post. Additionally, those little “tags” at the bottom of this post are linked to your name, every book you have written, etc. That way, when people search for you they can learn the truth about your character as this blog will surface attached to you the same way my pictures are attached to me.

Thank you in advance to all of my friends and followers who help me retweet, repost, and spread this message anyway possible.

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