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Posted on the 05 June 2012 by 3stepstorecovery @3StepsToRecvry
  Are you a victim of a terrible epidemic sweeping the world called D.S.S.? Millions of people around the world suffer from this crippling disorder and aren’t even aware of it. D.S.S. is a silent killer. Educate yourselves before it’s too late. It just might save you or a loved one from a slow, agonizing death.
S.D.D. is a crippling, progressive, degenerative disorder. Symptoms include apathy, emptiness, hatred, loneliness, and self-centeredness. Many patients also experience a false sense of self-importance, combined with a lethal detachment from others. If left untreated, D.S.S. can even lead to blindness and shrinkage of the heart. In some cases, D.S.S. can develop into full-blown addiction, depression and advanced despair.
What, exactly, is S.D.D.? It’s an acronym for Spiritual Deficit Disorder, which has reached epidemic proportions across the globe. Spiritual Deficit Disorder is a precursor to A.S.D.D., also known as Advanced Spiritual Deficit Disorder. A.S.D.D., in turn, often develops into a fatal condition known as T.S.D., or Total Spiritual Death.
Spiritual Deficit Disorder is the mother of all other disorders, including Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and dozens of other so-called physiological disorders that the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies invented in order to earn oodles of money and keep people coming back for more office visits and prescription drugs.
Did you know that these manufactured disorders could not be labeled as medical diseases for legal reasons? In order to be classified as a disease, a condition must have a clearly identifiable set of symptoms and characteristics. A disorder, on the other hand, is defined as an abnormality of function, which covers a far more vague range of behavioral issues, which is especially convenient for doctors when there is no definitive diagnosis available.
So, in order to sell millions and millions and millions of prescription drugs around the world, our clever friends in the pharmaceutical business and medical community came up with a giant truckload of disorders with fancy, official sounding titles that never existed twenty years ago. There are hundreds of them, including my personal favorite, Disruptive Behavior Disorder, which is a fantastic way to include your own spoiled brat in the Head Med game!
It also comes in handy when the school calls to tell you that Johnny’s been a naughty boy at school again – just tell the principal that your little angel is a victim of D.B.D. and is therefore not responsible for his behavior, Mom. Problem solved!
The truth is that many, if not all, disorders can be defined as forms of spiritual disease. More accurately, these disorders would best be described as symptoms of spiritual dis-ease. Anti-depressants and other medications are designed to treat symptoms and nothing more. This is especially true when dealing with spiritual dis-ease, which, in most cases, is entirely curable using a spiritual healing approach,. This is not something the medical profession tells you. That’s because a spiritual healing involves zero prescription drugs, which means no money for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. You can’t keep people coming back for more office visits and prescription refills if you cure them, after all.
People… unless you suffer from a history of severe mental illness, you don’t have to buy into the notion that you are an obsessive-compulsive personality or a hyperactive adult incapable of paying attention… nor do you have to accept any other label your doctor decides to scribble on his notepad and slap on your forehead, along with a prescription for mood-altering medication.
You can and should explore the possibility… correction, the high probability that your only true problem is a Spiritual Deficit Disorder, which can be easily cured by the world’s finest doctor - your Higher Power, M.D.

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