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Don't. Just Don't.

Posted on the 12 June 2017 by Fizz @ThePoetsAlley
There is no one else,
I would talk to rather now.
Sharing words, exchanging thoughts.
Your words comfort me at times.
And yet, I feel alone.
Defeated by my thoughts,
Words that fail me
I have a difficult time,
Understanding them often.
Mostly so, when others speak a language I have a beef with.
In a world that is sexist.
In a world that discriminates.
I demand. I control. I fail.
Respect is earned.
My mind craves intelligence,
Conversations that are beyond the usual.
I don't think normal, cause I ain't so.
In a hustling world, I want to push forward
in any direction, in all directions.
Because some thoughts are defeating, some people disappointing.
I want to raise above them.
With you or without.
There is no one else,
I would talk to rather now.
Because you... don't, just don't
how crazy I am turning out to be.
Or how unafraid we must all be in this beautifully cruel world.

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