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Drawing and Painting Activities Online for Kids

Posted on the 29 December 2012 by Taveren37 @mjgraham

With four computer savvy kidlets around, I have to make sure that the sites they are visiting, with my supervision and help of course, are age appropriate, wholesome and entertaining. Also as an added bonus maybe they can learn something new or use their creative talents in a productive way.BethanyI do have a bit of trouble with Master 4 wanting to play what the older ones are playing. This always ends up with tears, he gets upset and annoyed because he doesn’t understand or can’t work it out.So I thought I would search out a few different websites that are good for the younger ones as well as the older kids in the house.BethanyI would love to share the websites that I have come across in my searches. These pages have some great drawing and painting activities.

  • ABC for Kids has a few good pages for the younger ones.Master 4 loves the Chuggington Colour in pages at www.abc.net.au/abcforkids/games/Chuggington It is very easy to use and those with very early mouse skills can learn it quite quickly.
  • Playschool has a good one too. www.abc.net.au/abcforkids/games/Playschool. It is just a bit harder and ok if they just want to have a bit of a play around and a bit of fun. It is hard to stay in the lines with this one. It does have things like buttons and stamps that you can stick on your picture.

I definitely recommend the kids BBC page, CBeebies. If they don't know about it, they are in for a real treat.  Lots of things here for them to do.
  • Colour in Timmy in the Messy Painting game www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/timmy-time Cute, simple and fun for the very young ones.
  • The Colour Factory is very, very cool. www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/games/colour-factory-game You get to mix your colours first, and then you can paint your picture. You can use a blank sheet of paper or one of their templates. This is lots of fun and very user friendly. It teaches you things about colours and mixing. I like this one a lot.
  • Springwatch and Colour is very cute. www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/springwatchandcolour/First you choose an animal to colour, then you color it in. When you are finished you get to watch your animal come to life in the picture.

Nic Jnr has some excellent web pages for kids who love to color.
  • www.nickjr.com/nick-jr-coloring-book Lots of things to color and you can choose your favorite show and characters. Children can have lots of colouring in fun here, even if, like us, you aren’t a pay tv subscriber.

  • www.nickjr.com/nick-jr-free-draw - Free draw for those artistically inclined.

www.thecolor.com/ This website has about every colouring page you could think of. Something for everyone.
I hope you find some sites here that you and your children like. My kids can certainly give them the tick of approval! 

All the gorgeous artwork displayed in this post, is courtesy of and belongs to my daughter Bethany.


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