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Effectiveness of Facebook Pages

Posted on the 19 June 2012 by Brenda @PibblesNHeathen
I keep on wondering, how effective are Facebook pages?
I previously blogged about this How effective are Facebook pages? on my Four-Legged Mom blog. I continue to still ask this question. Is it worth keeping a Facebook account just to have access to Facebook Pages?
I contemplate over and over again, having a Facebook account. I really don't care for Facebook. Yes, it connects me to friends and what is happening in their life, but it also connects me to drama. So many people complain, rant, cry out for help, cause conflict, post an abundance of links, pics, and videos that I truly don't like checking in.

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The only reason I do, is to check my pages. Now my Facebook pages are pretty much just linked to my blog. I don't have time to be interactive on Facebook let alone my Pages. I have a full-time job! I can't surf all day long! 
So, I publish a blog post - it posts to my Facebook blog page - then shoots off to Twitter. Hmm, do people comment on  my Fb page? Rarely. Do they LIKE the post? Sometimes. Would I rather them visit my blog and interact with me there? Absolutely! 
There are many ways to follow a blog. RSS feed, Email, Google+, Twitter, Google Friend Connect, Linky Friends, NetworkedBlogs, and Facebook just to name a few. BUT if you don't have a Facebook page, then you would use one of the other options. 

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I ask again, how effective is a Facebook page? I don't find it very useful, imo. At least, not for either one of my blogs. Yes, I have subscribers on Fb but again, it's not interactive. I'd rather those who are interested visit my blog page directly and comment there. If not comment there, reply to me on Twitter, as so many do now.
My Twitter presence is much larger than my Facebook. I've actually tried removing Facebook from my cellphone but can't. ARGH! My life would be better without Fb. It would force my friends and I to connect in REAL-TIME, via text, or other methods.
What are your thoughts on Fb pages? Do you find them effective or just another social network you feel forced to use.
I guess if I really thought about it, I could just use my Facebook blog page, instead of signing onto my profile ;) Be sure to LIKE my page! :)

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