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Electric Ink

Posted on the 01 June 2013 by Leah-Jlynn @Leah_Jamielynn



Ana held her notebook tightly in her hands. It was a notepad full, of an art not lost to her. As she had hand written  possibilities for a short story. Her mind went absolutely  wild with imagination as she wrote. She would quickly shake her hands , if they would cramp and then began to write feverishly again. As she held her perfect pen, that let her  curvre her letters nicely as she wrote  a rough draft to her story.

A smile spread across her face as her mind unfolded, with it’s creative thoughts that her hands couldn’t keep up with, after a while. She, even had to stop often to touch up missing words and edit in general. But, she never stayed very long least she lose this moment.  Where paper becomes her canvas.

She would paint not with bright colors , but, with encouraging  words to for a masterpiece of an e-book. That, book would hopefully light up someone’s mind. Like the artist ,to an art lovers eyes.

The art lover who is awe of the an art gallery’s wall. Where,  well crafted  pictures upon a wall, tells the story of it’s creator. Like that, so, will her not book. but books.

She, hoped. Like a potter and his/her clay forms lovely things. Her brain to would bake words in the oven of her mind, and color it in once placed on her lap-top from the rack of her notebooks line.

Yes! she smiled. it was true. she had her first paid writing gig. a gig that paid her to write her own words. Paint them with electronic ink, and draw her readers in like  Claude Monet.  With the freedom and moody flair of Frida Kahlo. Yet, with the Fresh Whimsy   of Nidhi Chanani ~Stop

Hello, It’s 5-minute-friday-1  at Lisa Jo Baker’s lovely space . It’s where we write for 5 minutes and post our unedited masterpieces. Todays, prompt was “Imagine” Please join us. Here’s the link just in case:

Also, I”am using my blogger as my new blog for my #1000gifts and Joy Dares. Basicly, It’s where I can express my beliefs in a creative and peaceful way. So, join me there if you like and or Love God and Jesus:) Here, is the link: Everyday Looking for Rainbows ( title might Change:))))

Electric Ink

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