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Posted on the 01 May 2012 by Leah-Jlynn @Leah_Jamielynn


   POEM 30


It’s been thirty days of writing and watching words flow.

Feeling like a gardener watching my garden grow.

Watching them sprout into hopefully blissful  and whimsical stories.

To keep this blog for a public and personal creative inventory.

In hopes we all will look back at some rose colored moments.

As the future will grant me lively and vibrant installments.

Until tomorrow, because NaPoWriMo has stop.

I will have a  new post up and plenty of Blogs to Hop.

Well, everyone it’s been a fun thirty days. I would like to start of by thanking my dVerse Poets Pubs mates like Brian Miller, D , Tash and so many others in that group. when I didn’t feel like writing you had prompts to encourage me. And People like Laurie Kolp, who has  inspired me to join other poetic spots to keep my mind active and challenged by  thier prompts. I’am sure That I will continue to participate in each and everyone of them.

So If   anyone would like to join me for my next endeavor for the next few days take a peek at the You Tube video below, read the poem and join us please. you can also come back here tomorrow to see what I have done for this very Inspiring event.

With that let’s Give all The NaPoWriMo2012 a hand we did it 30 poems in 30 days. Blessings Live Life and Write On ~Leah


   Let’s get inspired


   POEM 29

To be innocent and young again. to the curiosity we had when were kids.

The friends we made, the things we willfully and joyously did.

all in order to see someone , laugh, smile so they could become our friend.

How, we couldn’t wait to go to school to  share our joy and our happiness

Even to the new kids, we offer a game,  a snack with the intention of kindness.

all the while we have certain types of wonderful blindness.

How wonderful  life would be, if we viewed some things in child like wonder.

To have  such qualities of abandonment during someone’s  blunder.

Even if it’s just a smile ,  a hug and a shoulder on which to ponder.

It would be great if  we  gave of our selves in  those ways.

So, we do, like that child sharing his snack, we have created

for ourselves and the other person a happier and  more blessed days.

Blessings Live Life and let Kindness be your Conscious  and God be your guide. ~Leah

If you’d like to join us for  Plant a Kiss than follow this link:

 Plant a Kiss Party Central 

Or you can follow this link for ways to participate and ideas: to post for your own blog. You’ll be glad you did. The simple act of doing this help relive my mind from what’s going on around me. :) and watch the inspirational video above PLS!

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