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Entry #17 – University Mid-semester Test Results!

Posted on the 03 October 2012 by Harper


Dear Diary,

The results for three mid-semester tests came out today and, here’s how I went: Psychology Test (57.5%), Epidemiology test: (60.7%), Psychology Lab Report (81%)!!!

Well compared to last semester’s results, these ones are horrible, and the cause was undoubtedly because my first girlfriend broke up with me. But nevertheless, I still got above 50% for all of them. Honestly though, I spent minimal effort on my Psychology lab report and I got 81%, which was the highest in my lab stream! I can’t believe it, here it is:

Lab Report

I thought I was going to get like 60% or something for it. In my last lab report, I spent hours and hours and hours on it, and only got 75%. This one, I spent minimal time and got a higher mark. How crazy is that!

As well as that, Spec-savers called me up today to tell me that my new frames had arrived. Well, they called me and I was in a lecture and so I couldn’t pick up but I knew it was from them. I now have new frames (it’s exactly the same style, but it’s new!) and there’s no annoying semi-broken glasses that always bother me. Good work Spec-savers. Here are my new frames (looking exactly the same as the last one, but this one is new):

Right Hinge of my new glasses

The right hinge of my new glasses. Not broken anymore!

New glasses

My new glasses!

The only thing that’s old is the lenses, but it feels so new. And best of all, it was free!

Yours, -Harper

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