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Essence Sucker

Posted on the 29 April 2012 by Leah-Jlynn @Leah_Jamielynn

   POEM 28


You  suck the energy  out of me,

leave me  dry and turn from my pleas.

For it’s at this moment that I tend to bow on

my knees.

To get  replenished with light brighter than the day.

When I 'am bath by it’s rays,

it seems to dispel your darkness and wash it away

Starting a new and time to  forget about you

a essence drainer , the devil’s tool.

I no longer want you as  friend or my lover

You took all of me from me, and it’s now time

for me to recover.

From your sucking the joy, happiness and the smile from

across my face.

I can now remove the bitterness of your taste.

Today I 'am grateful  for my life

and the simple sight of the sunlight's grace.


Blessings Live Life and bath in It’s  Brightness ~Leah :)

It’s dVerse Poet Pub’s: 

Poetics — Vampires

Follow this Link :

let’s face it some relationships are a bit like being with a vampire. #NaPoWriMo2012


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