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Essentials for a Girls Bag! PICTURES.

Posted on the 12 August 2014 by Gracem16 @TSITR_Gracie
Hey guys,
A bag is for more girls a quintessential part of her outfit and her life! Whether it be a clutch or an over the shoulders. Here's what I MUST have in mine. And by no means do I say you follow suit, your bag is your bag. These are just things I personally can't live without. You are welcome to use this advice at your disposal but I thought it would make for an interesting post.
A small pouch. 
I found this weirdly enough in a plastic travel case and brought the whole case! - It was a sale item so y'know. In my pouch I cram, eye-shadows, breath spray, ibuprofen, lipstick & chap-stick,  bobby pins, hairbands, plasters, It's quite literally an essential. I carry it everywhere. Look out for these cute little pouches. The eyeshadow one may sound slightly bizzare but if I'm ever in a rush to be somewhere and want to add a little bit of make-up I normally go for a light eye-shadow. Breath spray is a minor essential if you've just eaten a bag of smelly crisps, ibuprofen is again important for yourself and friends that need it, lipstick to again freshen up your look, chapstick as I hate, hate, hate chapped lips, bobby pins and hairbands because I hate strands of hair flying about or hair all in my face and plasters because who doesn't!
Tin Case
I hate it when I throw my bag at someone for them to get something & they pull out a thing girls' need. If you know what I mean girls! Keep it a secret in a case like this! Not that I'm at all ashamed about that but it's also good if you have a friend that needs one. A girl has to be prepared right.
Purse & Wallet.
For me personally, I hate the jingle, jingle in my wallet. So I always carry a coin purse to put in loose change in so it's ideal for me! Whereas my wallet has all of my other essentials, recently I've been swapping between the two in a bit to condense my bag down a bit more so it's not all in separate areas of my bag.
Water & Food. 
I love keeping hydrated so often carry water with me and second to that if I'm peckish I'll gnaw on a good snack bar. My favorites are defiantly go ahead and alpen bars! When it's a hot day I have to make sure I have both these items as they will get me through the day with no problem. Water is really important during the summer season too.
Hand gel
I hate days where I've just eaten out and go to wash my hands in the public loo. Where, THERE'S NO HAND WASH. But you've brought some hand gel, the world can rest now. My favorite one is a pomegranate one from Superdrug. I will make sure to insert a picture so you can find it yourself.
Pen & Notebook.
I hate it when you have to write down a number, or sign something with no pen or paper. Just remember there still important in this day with technolgy. It also comes in handy when you have a spur of the moment idea and simply have to write it down or have forgotten your diary so have to write something important. Especially useful at University too.

Phone & Ipod. 
Disregarding what I've just said ^ I still must must must have my phone and Ipod. Music on long train rides is a must.
Kindle & or Book (s) 
I'm a keen bookaholic and will either be carrying a book or my kindle. I love using train tickets too as I'm ALWAYS on a train. They come in super handy. I'm normally digging into a good old classic but don't like to carry something too heavy as the strain really hurts my arms.
An electronics pouch

I can't stand rummaging about in my bag for something like a charger, my earphones that sort of thing so I put it all in another third pouch for all my electronics, this way I'm not trying to dig through my bag on the tube when I'm off at the next stop!
What do you guys like to carry in your bags that you would regard as essentials? Let me know!

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